Friday, September 30, 2005

Conference Thoughts

I spent all day today at a work conference. Here are some of the random thoughts I took down through the day:

- Why is this guy called "Hon." even though he is not nor has he been a judge?
- Is this woman really old enough to have been on the bench for more than 20 years?
- The guy on this panel is funny, but a little over the top.
- The firefighter chick on this panel is hot.
- The other chick on this panel is hot too. But then she's a victim of sexual harassment, so I suppose that would be wildly inappropriate to say out loud.
- I wish that big fat obnoxious guy in the front row would shut the fuck up already.
- This judge is awesome. I wish he was assigned the case I just filed.
- This defense lawyer chick looks like a total dyke. Sorry.
- This moderator sounds totally gay. Sorry. But he appears to be married. Go fig.
- There are no hot guys in this room, as far as I can tell. Perhaps by the end of the day I'll relax my standards.
- Clearly I ate too many danishes this morning. Damn those continental breakfasts!
- Just my luck that fat obnoxious guy sits at my table during lunch. Who over the age of 12 actually tucks his cloth napkin into his collar during a professional lunch?!?
- Also just my luck that I spy kinda cute guys ... sitting across the banquet hall from me. Wait, maybe the fact that they're far away is what makes them passably cute.
- Man, this lunchtime speaker is boring. But this dessert is damn good.
- Big fat obnoxious guy appears to have shoved parts of napkins into his ears during the post-lunch panels. Because we lawyers are just so loud like that. WTF?
- One of my opposing counsel is here. His picture on his web site doesn't do him justice. Not that he's hot. He just looks better than his web picture.
- This one guy here reminds me of this guy.
- OK, this judge his HOT. Tall skinny shaved-head guy. And smart as hell. Smart is soooo freakin' sexy.

In case you're wondering, yes, it was a pretty productive day.


Steve said...

You take great notes, Dennis! And yeah, smart is sexy.

duane said...

"There are no hot guys in this room, as far as I can tell. Perhaps by the end of the day I'll relax my standards."

LOL! I go over this thought many times when I am in a crowded room and bored! LOL