Sunday, October 23, 2005


I'm having another one of those "I can die happy now" feelings. Olivia doesn't fail to deliver and I am once again excited and happy that I got the chance to see her again. She's a talented performer, but more importantly, seems to be a wonderful and genuine person, which is possibly why I love her so much.

I also found out that I'm not the only one who has a preternatural obsession with her, and I am (thankfully) someone who keeps his adoration her in some moderation. Olivia groupies; who knew?

Why do "I can die happy now" feelings have to be so fleeting? I'm pretty sure that once I get back home all kinds of crap will hit the fan all over again. It always does. It did when I went to Vegas over the Fourth of July weekend, and will likely do so again when I get back tomorrow. Such seems to be my life. I hit a high point where I'm delierious happy, then within a day or two something explodes in my face and I am, to say the least, no longer as deliriously happy. Eh, we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Didn't get to see much of Atlantic City. The weather was not cooperating. I had come up here early (I'm typing this from my hotel room in Absecon, NJ, not far from AC) for the purpose to checking out the scene Friday night and part of the day Saturday before the show, but the weather would not have it. It was pretty rainy most of Friday night, so I didn't feel like getting back in the car and driving in the rain to check out some casinos. (I tend to get lost in strange places easily, and getting lost in the rain would not have been fun.) So basically I spent an extra night away from my own bed for no reason whatsoever. Though the king size bed is nice.

So I spent the entire day in the Hilton in AC because that's where Olivia was. Went crazy on nickel and penny slots, which I fell in love with in Vegas. It's amazing how well those things can pay out, as well as how quickly they can suck away your cash. Within the first 40 minutes of beginning my gambling in earnest, I had spent $60, in $20 increments. The first machine I hit ate my money in mere seconds (or so it felt). At the second, I walked away with a voucher for $70. Not too shabby. At the third machine (penny slots, no less) I walked away with a voucher for $490. Cha-ching! I was on FIRE, and not in a gay-flamey sort of way. Of course, by the end of the night, I slipped back down again, and now am leaving here with $400 in my pocket (which includes the $200 I brought up here with me, but less tolls and food spent on the way up here), so in all I'm only up something like $200. But hey, I'll take it.

Have I mentioned how much I love Olivia? Yeah, thought so. Okay, that's enough about her for a while. Some other interesting stories in the works; I'll get around to them soon.


Steve said...

Glad you had a great time... minus the crappy weather. And hey, being up $200 is not to shabby.

p.p. said...

"Grease" was actually on TV this weekend; I thought about you. Glad you had a fun (and profitable) time.

purpletwinkie said...

Yay for ONJ. Glad you had a good time.

Now...I've never heard anyone use the word "preternatural" in blogwriting before. This both excites and frightens me at the same time ;)

Dennis! said...

Steve: Turns out the rental car, which I thought was such a steal, ended up being a little over $100. So in the end, really, I was only up $100.

Peter: I love that movie. During the concert, while she was singing "Summer Lovin'", my friend and I did this *boing!* sound effect at the end. We weren't the only ones who did. We also added the "Tell me about it... stud" when the video of her emerging in black leather and a cigarette showed up in the concert.

Scott: I take random $50 words and hold on to them for dear life. Unfortunately, "preternatural" is one of them. :)