Monday, November 29, 2004

Weekend Update

So I got back from Thanksgiving today. Caught the redeye back -- it's very tiring.

The weekend was terribly relaxing. It was just so nice to be away from the city and hanging out somewhere, unapologetically vegging for days on end. We arrived late (like 9-ish) on Thanksgiving night so Chad and I picked through the leftovers (of which there were lots) and just hung out with friends. The hanging out continued all weekend. We did nothing but just sit around doing nothing. I saw so many movies (on DVD) this weekend it was insane: Elf; The Chronicles of Riddick; Species III (ugh); Galaxy Quest. But it was okay. In a previous incarnation of my life, I would have been bugging to go out, to do something: when visiting friends in another city, make the most of it by actually doing stuff. We didn't. We walked around a few nights, but most nights were early and a few extended dinners were all we had. And I loved it.

Some interesting stupid discussions took place. I'll get to those later. My friends can be... well, wildly tactless.

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p.p. said...

Sounds like a good time to me.