Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm heading out of town for the Thanksgiving weekend (visiting some friends out west) so I thought I'd just take a quick moment.

Despite my bitching (and I do bitch a lot -- see my tagline), I am confident that I have a great life, surrounded by great people. I could be happier, but not by much. I have a great job that treats me with equal mixtures professional and personal interaction; my friends remain the key to my sanity; my health is decent. What more could a guy ask for?

Special shout-out to my financial planner, who took me on as a client even though I tried -- hard! -- to tell him that I had no money and huge debt load. He restructured my life, gave a new approach on how to think about my financial situation, set goals for me, and most importantly, got me to put away enough money to start investing. He's truly changed my outlook on the financial portions of my life, and for that, I thank him, even though he probably doesn't even know that I keep this blog.

To my friends who have made my life special, fun, challenging, and real, I love you all and thank you for putting up with my shit.

If you're reading this blog, thanks for reading. :)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.


melyssa said...

stumbled upon your blog today. you're quite funny. you're welcome for reading! :-)

p.p. said...

Dennis!, Happy Thanksgiving! Have a safe Holiday.