Monday, November 01, 2004

Redskins lose!

Okay, so apparently there's some strange little piece of political folklore that says that the last Washington Redskins game before any presidential election says something about the election results. For the past umpteen presidential elections -- "umpteen" being a technical term for "pretty decent number which I don't know precisely" -- the incumbent has won the White House when the Redskins win the last game before the election. Obviously, the challenger has won whenever the Redskins lose this game.

The Redskins to Green Bay tonight after a flag was tossed, recalling a Redskins touchdown late in the fourth quarter, a loss compounded by the fact that Green Bay thereafter intercepted a Redskins pass for another touchdown and two-point conversion, leaving the final score of 28-14.

The penalty call against the Redskins has been called "controversial." Wow, the mirror between this game and the elections is more accurate than I originally gave it credit for.


Matthew said...

While I would love to believe in this correlation, the logic side of me (which thankfully wins-out most of the time) must point out that there is no possibility that there is a *true* correlation between the Redskins' game and the presidential election. The whole thing is so much mumbo-jumbo, unfortunately.

Oh well, that still doesn't mean that Kerry can't win tomorrow. It just means that we can't look at the tea leaves of a Redskins football game for the answer. :-/

Take care.

Dennis! said...

Oh, I totally agree that the correlation isn't rocket science. It's just fun to revel in the superstition for a brief moment in time. I should be clear: BY NO MEANS am I saying it would be okay now for Kerry supporters to slack off in going to vote!