Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We Are Fucked

When Bush was appointed (by the Supreme Court) in 2000, there was a cute picture circulating around the internet, depicting a copy of Time magazine with Bush on the cover, and the statement below it: "WE'RE FUCKED". It has come to pass again.

Half the people in this country have told us that it's perfectly acceptable to send our young men and women to a foreign country to start a war when you don't know whether any real threat to our national security is at stake. A man who isn't prepared to debate the issues without falsely mocking his opponent is worthy of leading the country. A man who will not meet with the press or otherwise hold his administration up to public scrutiny is a good man. A man who uses federal Secret Service resources to expel, detain, and arrest persons who dare exercise First Amendment freedoms at campaign rallies is someone you can trust your civil liberties to. A "conservative" who turns this country from a few billion in the black to tens of billions in the red is smart. A "federalist" who presides over the largest federal government ever in our history is perfectly consistent. A worldwide leader who scoffs at and alienates foreign governments is worthy of heading ours. It's perfectly acceptable to propose writing discrimination into our Constitution rather than ensuring actual equality of rights.

We are so fucked. And I am so angry that half of this country that I love so much is so completely brainless that they can't see what a dangerous man Bush is.


Anonymous said...

51% of the country is going to get exactly what it deserves. Sadder, however, is the fact that we are trapped in this hell with them.

Me said...

Sorry. Hit the anonymous button.