Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Kiss My Ashcroft!


I remember in 1996, just after Bill Clinton won his second term in the White House,* the Washington Times -- independent and unbiased source that it is -- printed a huge headline that read something to the effect of "Clinton Cabinet Runs For the Doors" or something like that. Point being, the headline implied that certain members of the Clinton cabinet fled the administration as if from a burning building. I even got the visual image of teems of people, dressed in their business suits, running out the door, like a scene from The Birds or something.

Because serving in high-power positions is pretty damn challenging for four years, I'm told presidential cabinets change all the time after re-election. I just wonder if the Washington Times will have a headline similar to Clinton's now that the Bush cabinet is readjusting. Somehow I doubt it.

* I note that Pres. Clinton won re-election in 1996 by a much larger margin than did Mr. Bush this past week. And yet I recall no media coverage whatsoever of Pres. Clinton declaring his "mandate" from the American people.

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