Sunday, July 30, 2006

O Stereotypes, You Amuse Me So

Part of dinner conversation recently:

Me: So I'm going to be heading to Atlantic City in a few months, if anyone wants to join me on a weekend trip.
Friend 1: But there's a catch.
Friend 2: What catch?
Me: I have tickets to a show, but it's not like anyone has to come with me to it....
Friend 2: What show?
Friend 3: Cher?
Friend 4: Madonna?
Friend 2: Streisand?
Me: Wow, you guys think I'm totally this uber-stereotypical gay guy, don't you?

For the record, the show I'm seeing is (no surprise to longtime readers of this blog) Olivia Newton-John. Yeah, because ONJ is totally not stereotypically gay.


Steve said...

HA! Before I even got to the point where you mentioned it, I KNEW you were going to see ONJ. Enjoy.

Ryan said...

That's a song for the lonely.