Sunday, July 02, 2006

I did the Macarena with a monster because I can't control myself.

I totally stole this from this guy.

Pick the month you were born:

January--I kicked
February--I loved
March--I smoked
April--I dry humped
May--I choked on
June--I murdered
July--I did the Macarena with
August--I had lunch with
September--I danced with
October--I sang to
November--I yelled at
December--I ran over

Pick the day (number) you were born on:

1-------a birdbath
2-------a monster
3-------a phone
4-------a fork
5-------a Mexican
6-------a gangster
7-------my cell phone
8-------my dog
9-------my best friends boyfriend
10-------my neighbor
11-------my science teacher
12-------a banana
13-------a fireman
14-------a stuffed animal
15-------a goat
16-------a pickle
17-------your mom
18-------a spoon
20-------a baseball bat
21-------a ninja
22-------chuck Norris
23-------a noodle
24-------a squirrel
25-------a football player
26-------my sister
27-------my brother
28-------an ipod
29-------a permanent marker
30-------a llama
31-------A homeless guy

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

White------because im cool like that
Black------- because thats how i roll.
Pink--------because I'm NOT a homosexual.
Red---------Because the voices told me to.
Blue--------Because im sexy and i do what i want
Green------Because I hate myself.
Purple------Because Im cool.
Gray--------Because i was drunk
Yellow------Because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars
Orange ----Because i hate my family.
Brown-----Because i was high.
Other-------Because i'm a ninja.
none------Because i cant control myself.

Random fun on this particular day of the year.


kat said...

i did the macarena with a goat because i'm cool like that ;)

happy, happy, dennis!

JordanBaker said...

I kicked an iPod because I'm a ninja.

SB said...

I kick a phone because thats how I roll.

anne said...

Happy (slightly belated) birthday, then! :)

MoDigli said...

Happy Birthday, Dennis!!!! :)
I'll be doing the Macarena with my friend's boyfriend soon!

ziggystardust73 said...

I choked on my science teacher because that's how I roll.

I think this thing might be psychic. Or psycho, depending on one's perspective.

Steve said...

I ran over a fork, 'cuz that's how I roll, yo. Pretty cool, Dennis! Hope you had a great weekend.

Mango de Mallorca said...

Happy birthday, Dennis! I murdered your mom. I'm sorry.

Ryan said...

I danced with my brother because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars.

Great. Know everybody knows I'm wearing a sunny yellow shirt.

Dennis?!? When the fuck was your birthday? I hate it when this happens!

Umm. Happy Birthday. :)

Dennis! said...

Kat: So shall I look for you out somewhere on the 15th?

Anne: An astute one, you are. :) Thanks.

Modig: Thanks, and happy Macarena-ing!

Zig: That is such a disturbing image. I'm thinking of all the science teachers I've had in my life, and it's not pretty.

Mango: Thanks. And you're an evil bastard.

Ryan: I'm just subtle that way, eh?

p.p. said...

Sorry I missed the Day. So, happy, happy!!