Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Are We Done Yet?

So I hate to dwell on this whole "I'm in a funk" thing -- and honestly, I feel like it's at least starting to lift -- but now the universe is just getting comical with respect to how much it hates me.

Last night is my usual pub poker night. I sent an email to a girlfriend of mine (who sometimes joins me for these games) to ask if she was planning on going:

If I can slip out of here by 6.15, I'm thinking of getting some poker in, despite the fact that I've been in a somewhat bad mood and may therefore suffer a losing streak which will put me in a progressively worse mood. Now that I've totally sold you on the pleasure of my company, were you thinking of going tonight? :)

Luckily for her, she declined.

I steeled myself and went anyway, if for no other reason than to re-establish a routine. Besides, poker is fun, right? And besides the fact that I've been losing like crazy on line, at least this is social, and I get to interface with actual people (one of whom was kinda cute last night).

The game started at 7:00.

I was done by 7:30.

Taking the lion's share of my chips was when my opponent had a pocket pair which tripped up on the board where I hit top two pair. I tell ya, when the universe is unhappy with me, it really makes the effort to let me know. I went all-in in the next hand (it was relatively weak anyway) and promptly lost it all. This was a shame, because one guy I was talking to had flirt potential (and by this all I mean is he had yet to drop a reference to a girlfriend). Perhaps I'll see him next week.

Then I came home and decided I'd do laundry, because, well, I needed to anyway. Well, upon my return from the laundry room I saw the most unmistakeable shadow: I kid you not, there is a rodent in my kitchen. I have no idea how it got up to my floor, but I saw it duck into a vent in stove. There are droppings all over my counter. I was grossed out to an extreme. I started furiously cleaning and getting rid of any trace of actual food product left on my counter. I can only presume that the thing isn't agile enough to make it into my "dry foodstuffs" cabinet, or even to the top of my cheap-ass table where I keep (for example) some boxes of cereal.

I was so grossed out I was on the verge of crying again. Then I resigned myself to my Joe's Apartment lifestyle and started watching tv.

Then I fired up the computer and played a few hands of online poker -- and came in second and third on two different tables. Not great, but still in the (play) money. So perhaps the tide is turning. I can only hope.


Matthew said...

Awww, poor Dennis.

I'm sorry you've been in a funk lately. It happens to most of from time to time.

Maybe you and the mouse can strike up a conversation and become friends? ;-)

Will said...

Maybe the mouse will go to Green Lantern with you. :-)

Dennis! said...

The fucking mouse fucking freaks me out, man!

Sub Girl said...

the mouse looks kinda cute from the picture though!

Dennis! said...

Sure, it's cute. That's the kind of stuff you get when you use Google Image Search. The one in the kitchen, though, is NEVER as cute as what you find in a Google Image Search. By defintion, the one in the kitchen is nastier, grosser, more disgusting, and viler.