Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Loopier Than Usual

I was on Q Street NW the other night, heading home after dinner with a friend, walking toward 17th Street.

At some point, the guys in front of me turned around and one of them, with an unfortunately (you'll see why in a minute) thick accent asked me: "'Scuse me, do you know where Loopy Girl is?"

"Uh... no," I reply, because, sure enough, I have no idea where "Loopy Girl" is.

We get to the light at 17th and Q and the guy who asked me gets a little more animated. "There!" he tells his friend. "There it is!" He's pointing across the street.

He's pointing to Le Pigalle.

I'm just gonna say I totally heard him wrong.

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Cincy Diva said...

i have had a similar incident with a Japanese tourist trying to order room service. He kept askinf for Boboli,which was the tyoe of pizza on our menu, i thought. I would say Pizza? and he would say no...bobelly. After several other guesses and his response of Stolbelly, i figured out he wanted a Bowl of Strawberries. Thank goodness i was persistent, or he's have been one confused gentleman with a pizza