Sunday, August 13, 2006

Political Support

I stepped out of my apartment building (take note: apartment building, i.e., multi-unit dwelling) yesterday afternoon and saw something somewhat surprising: a Linda Cropp for Mayor sign.


How did we come to conclusion that my entire building, en masse, has decided to support Linda Cropp?, I wondered. Actually, I didn't really wonder that, because I knew there was no way that was possible. The sign was inappropriate to the extent that it implied that an entire apartment building full of people supported one mayoral candidate for the office.

I asked the woman at the front desk when that sign made it up there, and got an even more fascinating story in response. "I saw some people getting out of their van," she told me, "and I guess they put it up. I wish I had seen that they were doing that, because I would have told them it was inappropriate, but then they took off after putting it up."


So according to this woman -- whom I have no reason to distrust -- Linda Cropp's supporters are busy running around town putting signs up on private property to make it look like people are supporting her? Without the permission of the property owners? Are you kidding me?

This afternoon I went with a friend up to Rockville to run some errands, cutting through parts of northwest DC along the way. From time to time, I spotted Linda Cropp signs in the ample yards of these large homes, and I couldn't help wondering whether the homeowners themselves actually put them up. At one house, for example, the sign was conspicuously placed pretty far from the front door and far from any path that leads to the door. Instead, it was placed near a tree closest to the street corner, where conceivably people -- for example, I dunno, people who jump out of vans putting up signs on lawns without permission -- would be able to put them up quickly. Could it be, I wondered, that the supporters planted that sign there too? Could it be that the people in that house don't necessarily support Linda Cropp at all?

I guess now I'll never really be sure.


katie said...

That happened to me. One day I came home and there was a "Blunt for Governor" sign in my yard.
I was not a happy camper. Still no idea who put it up.

Anonymous said...

I asked Cropp people if they will put up a sign at my apt. because I wanted to have a party and wanted to show support for her. The Cropp campaign said they would not put up a sign at an apt. They only put up signs in private homes with owners consent or request. Who knows why it was put up at your place--I guess it was in error.

JackstarDC said...

This is another Fenty plant. Linda Cropp has more substantive things to do then put up bogus yard signs, like develop coherent policies for instance. Perhaps Adrian could learn to spell that.
Whew, these style over substance types are so boring.
Yeah vote for Fenty, he looks good.
Seems like that is the reasoning that put Bozo into 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Dennis! said...

Katie: It disturbs me if this is a thing people do all over the place. But then the next comment....

Anon: I do sincerely hope it's just in error, because, though it may be idealistic, I still just hope for a decent campaign....

... which is the same reason I'd prefer not to think that Fenty is running around putting up Cropp signs to try to discredit her, Jockstar. Besides, seems like a stupid way to go about it. On people who have seen the unauthorized signing would dislike her for it; everyone else would just assume the property owner actually supports her.

Oh, and "style over substance" put W. in the White House? Sorry man, but Kerry also won hands down on style AND substance. I've said it before, but most American voters this time around preferred a guy who could barely form a coherent English sentence to a guy who could speak English and French.

avocadoinparadise said...

I hope you removed that sign, before a sign war breaks out in your complex's yard. Those just uglify the whole lawn.