Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Hockey and Wings

Overheard between two gay men, in Hooters of all places:

Guy 1: I love Dave and Buster's! Have you ever been?
Guy 2: No.
Guy 1: It's a lot of fun... but it's kinda dangerous. You can totally blow a wad there. Uh, of cash, I mean.

Okay, one of those guys was me. I'll leave you to figure out which one.


So Monday night was even straighter than my usual nights. I swear, if I don't watch out, I'm going to start finding boobies irresistably attractive.

It started with a hockey game. Watching it, not playing it. I love watching hockey games... it strikes me as such graceful savagery. I mean, one minute these guys are gliding across the ice, smooth as silk, the next, WHAM!, they're slammed up against a divider. I mean, hey, a legal way to stop a guy advancing with the puck is to body slam him, what can I say? Loads of fun. Also, it's one of the few sports where a fist fight is more exciting than the play of game itself.

During half time, they had these little tykes come out. Four of 'em, two goalies, two shooters. It was so cute watching them try to skate, let alone also maneuver the puck toward the goal (and to defend the goal). I think I cheered more for these kids than I did for any of the pro players. They were just so adorable! Although a part of me also feels bad, because when there's a six-year-old shooting a puck and a six-year-old defending, well, one of them is going to fail in their endeavor. You cheer for the kid who succeeds, but then at the same time you end up making the poor other kid feel bad.

After the game, my companion and I stepped out for food and ended up at Hooters. I've always wanted to go to check out their wings, but none of my friends ever wants to go with me. In truth, the place is pretty decent. The food is reasonably priced in comparison to any other bar/pub in the area, and the wings aren't half bad. Oh, and friendly chicks with huge boobs who make it point to bend over at the waist when taking your order -- classic.

Thing is, after this past weekend at the beach, I had told my friends that I really need to get my gay on after all that time at Starboard. And what do I do upon my return? Hit a live sporting event followed by dinner at Hooters. Niiiiice.


Kristin said...

Hooters? That's so not gay. Though, I've never actually been. It doesn't seem designed for large breasted straight women who aren't serving wings. Maybe that's just me.

Hope you manage to find time to get your gay on.

Steve said...

Yea, Hooters... NOT gay. Actually, we have the original Hooters right here in Clearwater, but I haven't been in years. Me + Boobies = ill.