Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Devotional Hints

I light this candle and watch it throw
Tears on my pillow
And if there is a Christ, he'll come tonight
To pray for Spanish eyes
And if I have nothing left to show
Tears on my pillow
What kind of life is this if God exists
Then help me pray for Spanish eyes

-- Madonna

From time to time, I hit Pulp on 14th Street for cute little trinkets. Among my favorite things to pick up there are devotional candles.

Unfortunately, they're not really all that "devotional." In fact, if you really care about the religious significance of these candles, they're somewhat sacrilegious. Because the images on them are faux religious.

The last time I went, I purchased two candles:

In case you can't read them, the candle on the left (red) is dedicated to finding "Abundant True Love." The one on the right (purple), "Our Lady of Perpetual Youth."

Now see, I tend to light both candles at the same time. I'm anal that way. No burning of one candle while the other one remains unlit. I also have a set of tea lights holders on my windowsill. If any one of them contains an actual candle, they all must. All candles are lit at the same time, or none of them at all.

I wonder what message my devotional candles are trying to send me:

Don't look now, but My Lady of Perpetual Youth is burning itself down substantially faster than Abundant True Love.

I guess that means that I'm getting older faster. No perpetual youth for me. But at least in my prematurely old age I'll still be capable of finding abundant true love.


Chef Dean said...

Couldn't that mean that the true love you find is going to last well into your old age?

Anonymous said...

Or could it mean that you don't buy into the prevailing gay cult of youth? And, btw, Pulp rocks!

Dop said...

And therein lies the true mystery of life.

Dennis! said...

Anon, you hit it on the head. You rock.