Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Oooo.... Shiny.....

Q: Did you hear the one about the kid with ADHD?
A: Let's go ride our bikes!

Today I was doing my usual blog reading by routinely and systematically going through my bookmarked blogs. Just to check for updates and whatnot, see what's new and exciting in blogland, yadda yadda yadda.

In due course, I got to Sam's blog. I read a bit of it when I got distracted by something pretty on my desk. ("Oooo... prettttty...."). You may know that feeling of random distraction, when your mind wanders to other, infinitely less important things. Or, in the alternative, you may actually have some semblance of an attenion span. Which I obviously do not.

But I digress. Point being, I had gotten part way down Sam's latest post -- about Valentine's Days past -- before the evil sirens of pretty shiny things diverted my attention. My screen was at a point on Sam's page which was past the title bar ("Reversed and Remanded"), as well as the title of the most recent entry.

Of course, if you checked the link just now, probably realize that Sam and I have chosen the exact same Blogspot template for our blogs, such that even our fonts are identical.

So much so, that when I first turned back to my computer screen just now, I looked at the words to the entry and thought to myself, "When did I blog about Valentine's Day? I thought I deliberately avoided that topic!" I won't even tell you how long it was before I finally realized that the blog I was looking at wasn't actually mine.

Oh, my short attention span cracks me up. Hahahah -- Look, a quarter!


SB said...

haha! I confess I do that too, when I click through. If I'm not paying attention, I confuse myself ("when did I write about Personal Finances?").

Maybe I'll change my font, so as to not confuse any of our mutual readers. Or, you know, us.

Dennis! said...

Nah, keep your template. We can be fraternal blogspot twins. Kinda like when Joey found his "hand twin" on "Friends."

And yeah, I have no idea who our mutual readers are, or whether they are as daft as we are. Somehow (1) I doubt there are many, and (2) they're as spacey as I am.

p.p. said...

Dennis!, I believe, but as with anything I could be mistaken, I am the conenctor that brought you two twins together (thus, a mutual reader).

See, lookie there, I'm like one of those "help find my twin" internet agencies.

SB said...

Mystery solved! Peter is like the center of the blogging galaxy that way.

I never know how anybody finds my site anyhow, but thank god they do or else I'd never have found my layout twin. That's gotta be worth something.

Dennis! said...

Peter: Wow, it's all about you you you isn't it? I could have found Sam's blog just by clicking "Next Blog."

But you're right, I didn't. Because I am a lawyer AND a geek, a link to "Reversed and Remanded" on your blog couldn't go unnoticed.

Sam: Sitemeter gives you referral stats. But the confusing thing is if someone gets to you using "Next Blog," they'll treat that as a "referral" site too.

Give me a shout next time you make your way back to the lovely DC area. Hahaha.

p.p. said...

sam, not "like," just is.

dennis!, always. me, me, me. ;)

Me said...

That intro joke is great.