Friday, January 14, 2005

I'm Skeeved Out

Okay, I know this didn't even involve me, but I'm totally grossed out just from having read this entry. Like, ew. (I'm changing names to "protect"... oh heck, I'm just changing names because I feel like it.)

On a blog I read from time to time, the blogger (I'll call him "Joe") posted, somewhat in passing, that he planning on spending travelling this weekend. He named the city to which he was travelling. (Let's call the city "Missoula.")

Among the comments to his post was this:

So, exactly where does [Joe] hang out when he comes to [Missoula] for some fun? Maybe [name redacted -- notice the use of the third person here] can meet [Joe] for some fun? Hmmm? Maybe?

Joe's a good-enough looking gay guy, I guess. His picture is on his blog. But man, this is just nasty. I should also point out that, if you follow the link to the commenter's own blog, he boasts of his seven-year relationship with his boyfriend.

If I were Joe, I'd be even more skeeved out that I am now. Sounds pervy, doesn't it? I'm still "ew"-ing.

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