Monday, January 03, 2005

Headlessness, Revisited

Remember my office mate S.W., who amazed me by assuming I was straight?

My parents have yet to figure this out about me too. I know, it's shocking, and I know I should just sit them down and tell them by now, but they remain completely clueless. It's kinda sad.

My dad called the other day and mentioned that he and mom are considering coming out this way for a visit. My parents are also the type who are way too cheap to spring for a hotel if they can fenagle a crashpad, even if the crashpad is in a tiny little junior one-bedroom (read: my place). I told him he had to be sure to give me advance notice before they booked a ticket: I do have a life; I have an overnight guest scheduled to crash here in about a week, and I may decide to go away at some point in February as well.

My dad's response to my admonition: "What, you have to make sure to hide the evidence of your girlfriend?"

I rolled my eyes and let it slide. I think everyone who even remotely knows me -- including aunts, uncles, and cousins -- can tell I'm gay... except for the two people whose DNA contributed to my creation.


Jon said...

Putting up the 'rents in an alcove studio? I look forward to the blog posts from that visit!! :D

Anonymous said...

Wow! Putting up your own 'rents? I hope I don't have to read about it in some newspaper from your town! LOL
Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Also...perhaps your parents actually KNOW but are allowing you to live your life as you choose? That's what mine did. They said they "knew" all along (do all parents say that?), but didn't want to infringe on my privacy by assuming that I knew they knew...or something like that. Confused? I was too.

Dennis! said...

Trust me, should my parents insist on holing up with me, there will be much blogging on the subject. From work.

Christ: [snicker] Trust me, never in my life have my parents actually granted me "privacy rights." I've always had to fight for them, including moving away from them. Heck, my mom read my diary in high school once, which upset her because there were some very uncharitable comments about her in there. They truly feel like they're entitled to nose around in every aspect of my life, up to and until the point where I shoot them down (and I shoot them down pretty quickly).

Alas, I don't feel that I need to come out to them per se. But man, it's strange that they can't tell on their own.