Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Netflix administrivia

I've been a member of Netflix since June of 2002 now. I recently decided, just for fun, to run some statistics on my rental habits:

Number of movies rented (through 7/29/04): 234
Average cost of rental: $2
Average number of rentals per month: 10

Number of movies that I subsequently purchased (excluding tv show DVD sets) : 9
Number of movies that I subsequently purchased (includes Sex and the City): 22
Number of movies that subsequently ended up on my Amazon.com wishlist and are currently still there: 4

Number of movies with some kind of gay theme or prominent gay character(s): 39
Number of those gay-themed films I actually liked: about 7 (why do I continue to rent them?....)
Number of non-English-speaking films (in whole or in non-insubstantial part): 20

Number of movies which robbed me a few hours of my life: Too many
Number of movies which put me to sleep: zzz... wait, what was the question?

Number of rentals that are DVDs of tv shows: 58
To wit: All available DVDs of Six Feet Under, Oz, Sex and the City, Freaks and Geeks, Sports Night, the Superfriends series (before I came to realize how lame they are), one season of Curb Your Enthusiasm (which led me to detest that show with a passion), and one apparently random disc of Queer as Folk. Also, one disc of Coupling (the BBC version, of course!), before I realized I knew I would love the show, and ended up just buying them as they came out with "test running" them first.

Number of movies currently in my queue: 216 (yes, I am a freak)
Probable number of movies that are in there solely because I'm stalking a hot actor in the hopes that he'll do a shirtless or otherwise nude scene: >20 (see above "freak" comment)

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