Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Gay Literacy 101

In the ever-ongoing chronicles of "gay men on gay.com are such idiots," I bring you the following exchange which took place recently. I prefer not to identify the other person involved, but let's say the guy's screen name identified himself as "latin," and "nice."

Him: hi
Me: hey

As is usually the case, I must point out, I did not initiate this conversation.

Him: how are you?
Me: fine. you?
Him: i'm great.
Him: are you white?

I gotta say, at least the guy gets straight to the point. An idiotic and ignorant point, but the point nonetheless. Shall I also point out that this guy's profile identified himself as "Single, seeing someone special"?

More important, I need to highlight two important pieces of information about my gay.com profile. First, my tagline in the chat room says that sending me a private message is okay, but please read my full profile first. Second, my full profile identifies me as "Asian/Pacific Islander."

Me: uh, have you even looked at my profile?
Him: bye

I'd add a big, long, bitchy comment here, but I think I'll just let that conversation stand on its own. Some people are such assholes.

1 comment:

Randy said...

I'm white. But with his zero-intelligence factor, he's probably not my type, so I'll be sure to avoid him.