Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Deja Vu: Deductibles

The worst thing about a new year is the fact that prescription medication deductibles get reset. I could almost verbatim repost this entry from this time last year here today, because almost the exact same thing happened to me just now.

Some minor changes to the script:

-- GBTC became Lady Behind the Counter, and she's not all that attractive.

-- I picked up three prescriptions, instead of two.

-- The cost was $130, rather than $120.

-- LBTC pointed out that I had $3 in ExtraCare Bucks, rather than $2.50.

Why is it that when I spend over $100 at the CVS, the checkout person seems compelled to point out that I have received a rebate of about 3%? Really, is that supposed to make me feel better? If I'm going to spend that kind of money, I'd really much prefer to spend it on, say, a WII, or a nice spa treatment, or perhaps anyone one of the wonderful toys in the wishlist, posted in my right-side sidebar here (which readers are encouraged to peruse and, well, use for its intended purpose).

I kinda miss the cute GBTC. Strange, no?

I suppose I should take some solace in the fact that three medicines only cost me $10 more than the two I got last year. I think it's because I quite possibly paid the entire deductible off just now within the first 48 hours of the new year.

But I think not.

Welcome to my new year.


Cincy Diva said...

You cannot win. I only pay 10 for my prescriptions (each), but I pay 180 dollars for insurance every two weeks for that pleasure

Leslie said...

I hate deductibles and dealing with insurance. I guess I'm one of the lucky people with insurance even though it costs me a several hundred per month.

We are still in the "prosperous" United States, right?

wyocwby said...

The deductible reset is right up there with the Your Premium Is Going Up $49 per month. Happy New Year!