Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Yeah, Baby, Just Like That.

Okay, a friend of mine posted this on my Facebook page recently.

I'll let you watch it before I dissect it.

Okay, you with me? Seriously, if the guy thought she was a girl, did he seriously think it would turn her on to lick his popsicle like that? Is that really a turn-on for women? "Oh yeah, man, you're so hot simulating oral sex on a guy. Now come have sex with me." Really, unless you're into guys who suck dick (as I am), I don't think that particular tack works very well.

And just for fun.

Still hot. And finally:

I need a towel now.

1 comment:

Heath Buckmaster said...

The Popsicle sucking video was hilarious ;-).

I think you can buy those bra's that inflate the nipple area...Or atleast, I think I've seen them at Spencer's gifts....

Very entertaining....but I agree - why would a woman find him fellating a Popsicle to be hot, unless she's into guy on guy action.