Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Still alive....

Is anyone even still reading this?

I'm still here, just horribly delinquent at posting anything. I suddenly developed a worldview which effectively asked "Who the hell cares what I think?" Mine is but a small voice crying out in the darkness.

But now that I've probably alienated the two people who used to come here most (I made that number up; I have no idea how many people there actually are who come here), I feel like coming back once in a while (read: maybe two or three times a week).

Maybe. We'll see if I live up to this pledge.


duanemoody.com said...

I still read it (even after all these years)!!! I am just slow about responding (clearly). I often have this same crisis of conscience when people don't comment on my 5SF's... I wonder if anyone even cares that I do them!

Hope things are well in your world!


I just found your blog today, so decided I'd post. Don't stop now, I like it. And I found you in a totally random way - would you believe, googling for how to properly say 'salade nicoise'. Cuz I'm going to lunch tomorrow and don't want to embarass myself. Not that the ladies speak any more French than me, but perhaps the waitperson does.

Sidra said...

Don't stop posting! I really enjoy reading your blog!