Friday, February 22, 2008

My Latest Food Network Crush

A while ago I blogged about my crush on Alton Brown of Food Network's Iron Chef and Good Eats.

I've since developed a new food geek crush.

That's Geof Manthorne, the executive sous chef of Charm City Cakes as featured on Food Network's Ace of Cakes. I love his singing in this clip -- so mellow and soft -- but I really truly admire his immense talent and handiwork in creating those damn cakes he makes on the show. They're huge and look fantastic. I can't imagine actually eating any of it, though, but I think he's totally cute. And he's in Baltimore, which is less than an hour from here. I sense a stalking run is in order.

Of course, while I am now crushing hard for Geof, and now a little less so for Alton, my biggest Food Network crush will always be Dave Leiberman. I mean, come on. He's just too adorable for words.


lorelai236 said...

OMG Dennis. Me & my Mom saw Geof at Balducci's last week. I swear.

Dennis! said...

Shut up shut up shut up! You did not! I love him! We must go stalk him. He's adorkable. I want him. said...

I prefer Duff myself, what a big bear of a man!

But my all time top Food Network crush is hands down Tyler Florence. SO. Freaking. HOT.

Dennis! said...

Duff is actually quite a cutie little softie too. He has that adorable little goofy grin thing going on.


Heath @ Homo sarcasmus said...

Alton is indeed a gem. We have several of his coffee table books so we can catch a glimpse of his goofy grin any time we want.

I've also been a fan of Jamie Oliver...too bad the "Naked Chef" isn't actually NAKED for the show, but alas.