Thursday, October 11, 2007

SNL on Craig

I'm stealing this from Scott-O-Rama.

My fave lines:

- "You opposed gay marriage. What, do you think marriage takes the sizzle out of it? Really. Or are you just afraid that if gay marriage is legalized there will be fewer single gay guys trying to have sex in airport bathrooms? Really!"

- "So, in conclusion: You're gay, but a married Republican, you're going to vote for anti-gay legislation but you'll solicit sex in an airport bathroom. Wow, you really do have a wide stance."


Steve said...

I saw that yesterday... I'm still howling. That's pretty damn funny.

Jon said...

Seeing Amy Polar (or is it Poler?) on SNL makes me miss 'Upright Citizens Brigade' on Comedy Central back in the day

And yeah, Craig's a douche. You know what I commented previously