Wednesday, January 10, 2007

El Espacio Mio

I have given in and created a MySpace page.

I must say, it is wildly addicting.

I've already added a slew of friends to it and they have taken over my comments section.

And yet it's so much fun. I've uploaded a song to the page as well as a few videos. I've also started posting up a bunch of photos on my friends' pages.

And I've added a few of the people from my blogroll to my MySpace page, completely shattering the semi-anonymity that this blog used to provide with respect to my readers. (Both of them!)

So if you're on MySpace, drop me a friend request!


Rich said...

Another convert to the MySpace phenomenon! And how would one find someone on that site?

Dennis! said...

Well that's a rather significant oversight, eh? I'll email you more details.