Tuesday, September 28, 2004

¡Goooooool! -- or not

Okay, so here's a non-exhaustive list of medium-term goals I'd like to achieve. Just for fun, let's say I'd like achieve them before I hit 35.

1. Learn to play the guitar. The regular, wooden kind, not something that's plugged in. I think it's sexy, and besides, it's easier to practice a regular guitar than something that has amps out the wazoo without bugging your neighbors.

2. Become competent in one more foreign language. I'm thinking of either Italian, Japanese, or Korean.

3. Find that ideal job.

4. Have enough to buy a new house without selling my condo.

5. Travel abroad at least three more times.

6. Go snowboarding.

7. Get in shape.

8. Clean the damn apartment up.

9. Finish those books that have been on my dresser for months now.

10. Find poker buddies for regular hold 'em games.

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