Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Blog crushes

Is it wrong to have a crush on someone just because you read their blog and find it funny, witty, relevant, etc.? (Doesn't hurt that they also have their picture posted.)

I have this strange fantasy that one day I'm going to walk down the street, either here or in some city I'm visiting, then suddenly do a double-take and say, "Hey! You're [insert blogger's name here]!" only to have them turn around, look at me, and morph their face into some mixture of abject horror and strange fear, and say "... and who the hell are you?"

It'll be worse if I'm actually able to rattle off a bunch of stats about him, like what television shows he watches, the names of some of his siblings, the cruise he took in 2002, a rally he attended, and even the names of his pets.

I need to get out more.

1 comment:

Randy said...

I think you touched on what to me is the fun thing about blogs. It's people sharing a certain level of intimacy with complete strangers -- more specifically, any complete stranger who might somehow happen upon their thoughts. It's such a weird marriage between intimate and private, interesting and bland. But I think it's a terrible idea to ask someone on the street how his 2002 cruise went.