Sunday, December 16, 2007


Am I the only one who is seriously disturbed by this little caveat calmly thrown into a commercial for Lunesta, a sleep aid drug?

"Call your doctor right away if after taking Lunesta you walk, drive, eat, or engage in other activities while asleep."

Seriously, what the hell? Sleep-driving? That scares the crap out of me.

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Anonymous said...

it is ambien that has caused this uproar. This side effect has been reported in ambien patiens so now all sleep aids have to mention it as a possibility. In fact lunesta did a study in which 788 patients took lunesta 3mg nightly for 6 months and then 471 of those pats continued for another 6 months, so there's a year of nightly use for insomnia pats and NO REPORTED SUCH A SIDE EFFECT. Ambien CR on the other hand did a 3 week double blind trial and a 6 month prn or use "as needed" study to get their sleep maintenance indication and it that drug that has had pats report such things as sleep driving sleep eating, etc....
From a source in the know.
ps. the authors of the lunesta studies are roth and krystal, you can look them up. good luck and sleep well.