Sunday, April 08, 2007

So, Uh, Just Where IS China?

I've seen this commercial on a few times now.

Here's my question: I may just be totally retarded, but didn't the guy hit China the first time around? I know it's a very small target and all -- being the country of largest geographic mass in the world -- but I'm pretty sure his first pushpin hit pretty well into the middle of China.


Public Masturbation said...

China is actually the FOURTH largest country in terms of landmass (first by population though) after Russia, (which he puts the pin into) Canada and the US

Dennis! said...

Thanks for calling on that -- guess I got my random trivia messed up.

Maybe it's the angle... it looks like he hit China to me, but then maybe he was a bit too far north.

Public Masturbation said...

Not a problem.

It appears he puts it in the orange area of the map, which is Russia, but just north of China, which appears pink. So he's not that far off.

Still a fairly humorous example of Americans complete lack of geographical knowledge.

Dennis! said...

I will not confess to being an ignorant American who doesn't know world geography, but he really was pretty close. I didn't catch the nuances of the color scheme of the map. (That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!)

Public Masturbation said...

Didn't mean to imply that you were so ignorant, sorry if it came off as such.

He was relatively close, and the commercial probably would've been funnier had he got it right and everyone else was a dunce about it.

That said sticking a pin anywhere in the middle of asia gets you pretty close to China....assuming said office drone knew China to be Asian/which continent that was.

Dennis! said...

I actually feel kinda bad for him, cause he was pretty close and yet everyone looked at him like he was soooooo retarded for not getting it. Then again, he totally didn't help himself when he then put the pin in Greenland.