Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sick and Twisted

Don Hertzfeldt is cool. Completely warped, but soooo freakin' cool.


** UPDATE (9/11/06): I replaced the third video (apparently removed by YouTube) with another one (which will likely be soon removed as well). Longer. Grosser. Yay.


Vince said...

Oh, how I needed that today.


Dop said...

Actually, I think you just have to know how to watch them. Example:

#3 - The Spoon/Dancing/Bleeding Anus

This, to me, is all about a circuit party. Starting with the big spoon and banana skit, its all about how circuit queens work themselves to near death to achieve the perfect physical appearance. None of them there are that secure with themselves, so they think they are fat or out of shape. The banana, I think, challenges them to be different and accept it.

The dancing skit is just that - ever been to a circuit dance? Everyone there looks alike. Once, I went to a balcony to try to find friends, and looking down on the mass of shirtless men, I was struck by how cloned everyone looked.

Then of course, the last skit. Drugs are very prevalent at these dances. And random sex hookups, most without protection, happen constantly. As a result, many circuit queens have contracted syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV and other diseases. Meanwhile, the party still goes on as they are all killing themselves.

That's how I saw it all.