Tuesday, May 25, 2004

It's the Cause, Stupid

So lately I've been involved in a surpringly active group of rag-taggers in some grassroots activism. I certainly don't consider myself an activist at all; most of the time I just consider my underpaying, thankless job in employment discrimination to be my part in fighting for civil rights in this country. I honestly think our esteemed President has forced me into a position where I feel like I have to fight the power to get results. I do so detest that man and his policies.

So I'm a member now of two different groups which have grand ideas for the advancement of gay rights in America. They're fun people, excited, energized, passionate. Being with them charges my batteries. It tells me people really do care about what I care about, and are angry enough to do something.

I can't help thinking of the irony of the situation, though. One of the groups I'm with has as its raison d'etre gay marriage rights. Great. I'm all for it. Really. It's one of the big civil rights issues of this time, in my opinion. What's so ironic about it? I'm fighting for a cause I feel like I have no reasonable chance of taking advantage of. I can't get a date to save my life. And I'm fighting for the opportunity to get married. I'm amused.

I was similarly amused when I had a great time at the March for Women's Lives. Abortion? Huh? But yes, a right is a right, and I will be counted in support of it, even if I will never need to make that decision on a personal level in my lifetime.


I while back, I wrote a piece entitled "Activism at Its Cruisiest," about the HRC Gay Marriage Rally. As a quick update: Things don't really change.

As I said, I'm a part of this marriage equality rights group. In general, a fairly collegial group of people. But one of two of them won't even talk to me, it seems. Too busy talking to the "hot" guys in the group? Maybe. I'd rather not think such ill thoughts about people with such noble intentions, but there will be times when I will need to talk to you about the project we're running. And you may have to listen. Without thinking that I'm trying to get into your pants. Which I'm not.

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